So, you spent a notable sum of hard earned money on a great gaming PC and now it’s time to finally put that monster to use. But where should you start? 2017 has been so far a pretty good year for video games, especially on PCs. Aside from a few unpolished surprises (yes, we’re looking at you Dishonored 2) we seem to finally be drifting out of the “unoptimized era of PC gaming”.

Below are the 5 best PC games of this year:

1) F1™ 2017

Take as an example the latest Formula One title. Released this August, this annual racing game regularly proves the capability of developers’ Codemasters to listen to the audience feedback. This year the graphic department saw a huge restyle, finally squeezing all the possibilities of the latest GPUs.

Weather effects, a realistic sense of speed and stunning cars’ details combine in one of the finest motorsport titles, maybe ever. Power is nothing without control though and the extremely refined optimizations let you run smoothly without a single symptom of de-sync or frame rate drop.


2) StarCraft: Remastered

Speaking of classics, how can we forget the incredibly popular Starcraft Remastered that was released just a few months ago. Being in the works for so much time, we can only assume how heavy could have been the task of updating one of the most loved strategic games of all time.

Blizzard, as always, took all the months needed to refine once again a milestone in PC history, with new textures, effects and configurations, scoring a unique look that seems to be vanishing from modern titles. The gameplay incredibly holds up even after all these years, especially those multiplayer matches that made its fortune almost 20 years ago.


3) Resident Evil 7

On the other side of the barricade, Capcom surely didn’t care too much about nostalgia when they released Resident Evil 7. The latest chapter of such a widespread franchise seems almost like a reboot to the whole series, with a new first person gameplay, new characters and a new vibe.

Highly focused on a great VR feature, the title is best experienced on powerful PCs, where all the textures can be shown in all their horrific beauty. No matter how old are you, prepare to be scared!


4) Outlast 2

Staying on the horror side we have to mention Outlast 2, the most anticipated sequel of the sleeping hit developed by Red Barrels, who pretty much amplified all the key aspects that we enjoyed in the first one. More jump scares & gore, a refined stealth gameplay, a brand new creepy story and a tweaked technical department all earned great scores from the press and fans of the former indie game.


5) Hollow Knight

On that note, the indie market remains one of the most flourish aspects of PC gaming. We could mention the awesome meta-gameplay of Stories Untold or the cheesy atmosphere of Night In The Woods, but we chose to focus on Hollow Knight, an adventure game with vintage tints that you won’t forget for a while.